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  • Via Statale, 13 – 25060 Tavernole s/Mella – Brescia – Italy

About us

The BATTISTA PORTERI srl. BPT since 1940 is specialized in hot-forging steel. The new factory occupies m2 7.500 covered with buildings. The equipment, technically up-to-date and efficient, enables any die-forging the BATTISTA PORTERI srl. BPT is in a position to produce die-forged components with weight ranging to over 75 Kg. The greatest attention is attached to each stage of the production cycle: from the analysis of details to the direct manufacture of press-forging dies, to the accurate final control products. The annual total production is approximately 9.500 Tons.
The mechanical workshop is equipped with milling machines, lathes, electroerosion machines for the construction of the dies. Workshop with about 30 machine-tols for die. The heat-treatment for steel forging pieces up to mm. 1680 with Testing laboratory: mechanical properties, hardness testing. Non-destructive Testing, a.s.o.

The BATTISTA PORTERI srl. BPT is present in Italy and abroad in the sector of Agricultural Machinery; Industrial and agricultural Trailer, Excavator, as well as telecommunications, railway car, steel. BATTISTA PORTERI srl. BPT: Experience and innovating commitment. The guarantee of being always up-to-date or even a pioneer, as it has been for more than 50 Years.
Our secret?… Simply always point to the max, with the most technologically danced machinery; in fact this years we have placed the biggest screw press placed in Italy today, which press, with a limit force of 5700 tons. Can press since the weight of 75 kiloes in the most complicate forms. Our qualified and organized equipe can guarantee that control and security, which are the base of every high quality product. TAKEADVANTAGE OF IT! In addiction to our range of products, we can also press pieces from costumer’s scheme.