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A range of products always developed and updated to offer our customer, those in particular who have with us a strong relation of mutual esteem and a strong collaboration. WE WANT to also turn ourself to that segment of agricultural and industrial machinery builder who are not our customer yet, but who could take advantage of our experience and professionality. BPT is today: 1.000.000 kiloes of forged steel every month, 110.000 pieces product every week, 2500 products in our range, 35 Countries in the world utilise our pro- ducts, 75% of our sales is destined to foreign trade. The products with the BPT brand have obtained the preference of the most important firms in the world who build agricultural and industrial machinery. LOOK FOR THE BPT BRAND: it’s the guaranty of quality and of your machine’s long life.

Spring steel

Spring steel tines for loading and trasporting from Ø 30 mm to Ø 50 mm lenght to 1680 mm.

Coupling ring for levelling blades

Cultivator Tines and schares

Cultvator Tines and schares; reversibles. Duck-foot-sweep schares.

Hammer for Shredder

Components for agricultural trailers

Trailer eyes and components for agricultural trailers and towed vehicles in general.

Excavator teeth

Excavator teeth, various components up to 75 Kg. with Machinig of all parts and Heat Treatement.

Plowshare for steel plow

Plows and wear parts for plows: ploughshare, wing plowshare.

Subsoiler tines

Cultivator tines for "Tiller" schares

Eyes for trailer